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No Resolutions for 2021!

Do you know that 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail?!

Why do we keep this tradition of resolutions alive? On a grading scale, that is a bottom of the barrel... lowest of lows...a big fat F. As educators, you would not be happy with a 20% success rate on any assignment, project, or quiz. You know it would be time for a change.

The answer is teaching your kids how to create realistic goals instead of ambiguous resolutions!

Many children view learning skills as a passive activity that just happens with no effort or plan. This is called a fixed mindset. Reflection and SMART goal setting are essential skills to promote and develop a growth mindset as your children mature. Research has shown the benefits they provide include:

  • Promoting brain development by recalling situations, emotions, and facts

  • Developing analyzation skills

  • Encouraging active participation in academic, social, and emotional growth

  • Promoting effort, practice, hard work, persistence, and self-confidence

With guidance from you, your children can develop a growth mindset and be actively engaged in learning a variety of academic, social, emotional, and physical skills!

Our "Reflection and SMART Goals Mini-Unit" can help you teach your children how to actively participate in their learning and develop a growth mindset for the New Year and beyond.

Check out all of the details HERE.

Remember--You've Got This! 😊⁠


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