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Presidents Venn Diagram Activity Pack

Challenge students’ higher-level thinking skills with this FREE 15 page resource:
the Presidents Venn Diagram Pack!

What's Included:

  • Lower Elementary & Upper Elementary Teacher Notes

  • 2 Lower Elementary Information Sheets on Presidents Washington and Lincoln

  • 2 Lower Elementary Venn Diagrams - Lined and Unlined

  • Lower Elementary Answer Key

  • Upper Elementary Mixed Information Sheet on Presidents Washington and Lincoln

  • 2 Upper Elementary Venn Diagrams - Lined and Unlined

  • Upper Elementary Answer Key

  • Bonus Blank President Venn Diagram to compare Presidents of your choice


This free Presidents' Day resource offers multiple ways to interact with the Presidential information  -- cut and paste facts, use keywords or phrases, or write complete and detailed sentences.⁠ Complete as a whole class, small groups, or individual students.  An easy print and go lesson on the Presidents!

Why Use Venn Diagrams?

It's time to challenge students’ higher-level thinking skills by comparing 2 Presidents! One of the best ways to organize information when comparing Presidents is to use a Venn Diagram. By having students compare and contrast two Presidents, they'll be able to dive deeper into their understanding and analyze information; everything from basics facts to leadership styles, decisions, and impact on history.


This type of activity is a great way to engage students' critical thinking skills and encourage them to make meaningful connections.

Free Presidents' Day Elementary Activity

Did you know that Venn Diagrams encourage kids to:⁠

🔹Think critically about information

🔹Organize information visually

🔹Determine similarities

🔹Take note of differences

The best part is you can use them with ANY age or style of learner!

More Don't Miss President Resources!

A study on Presidents is a perfect time to begin exposing or teaching research skills!


  • This older elementary President Research Flip Book that can easily guide you through the process with 2nd grade through 5th grade! Pick a focus on a favorite like Washington or Lincoln (or pick any President) and encourage a deep-dive to learn more about them. The information they will gather can easily be organized into 5 categories making for a perfect transition to a book or written or oral report.​

  • For younger elementary kids, try the Presidents Day Activity Tab Book BUNDLE which contains differentiated coloring, tracing, and writing “About the President” tab books for Preschool through 3rd graders. Perfect for a variety of ages and abilities!

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