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"I am nearly in tears though on how thankful I am that you put this together and will definitely recommend your services for other parents when questions arise. And, may look to you in the coming years for guidance as I learn to navigate the homeschool life. You’ve given me the confidence boost I needed and am ready to get buying, planning, and teaching!"

Maisie M., Minnesota

"My LLx2 consult was convenient, easy, and took a lot of stress off of me. I appreciated that it was tailored to my child and took her unique qualities into consideration from scheduling to curriculum selection. Thanks for the hope and encouragement!"

Lacey A., Illinois

"Sacha and Wendy have been a goldmine in regard to their expertise in homeschooling. Between their combined years of experience with their own families and understanding different homeschooling methods, they have so much to offer."

Lisa S., Pennsylvania

"I appreciate Sacha’s mentorship. She always left it up to us to decide what would work best and followed up with us to see how a particular challenge was resolved or if we needed more assistance, she has been invaluable."

Alexis S., Minnesota

"Wendy has always been an amazing source of knowledge and help. She really listens to my questions and has great advice for me as a teacher and ideas for how kids understand information and learn."

Dana L., Illinois

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