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Reading Resources

Over the years we have come across some tried and true reading curriculum, resources, books,

and reading helps that we turn to time and time again.

We are happy to share these gems with you! Just click on the thumbnails to get details.

childrens books

Curriculum Resources

Phonics Games and Activities Compatible with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons

Our favorite resources to teach your child how to read!

Support Resources

These books provide great book suggestions as well as encouragement!

Read Alouds & Audiobooks

Listening to books provide a way to build essential reading skills.


Reading Helps

Sometimes reading is easier with items that aid visual tracking. 

Reader Tracking Strips

Reading Timer Bookmark

Color Overlay Pages

Finger Focus Highlighter

Brain Breaks K-5 Starter Set

Brain Breaks

Beginning Readers

Start with books that have 1-2 sentences on a page, use high frequency words, and numerous illustrations that support the plot.

Developing Readers

Proceed to books that have 2-3 sentences on a page, use high frequency words, and illustrations that support the plot.

Confident Readers

Advance to books that have 3-4 sentences on a page, short chapters, and illustrations that support the plot.

Independent Readers

Finally move into short chapters with minimal pictures!

Some of the links on our site may be affiliate links. We are Christian Book Distributor and Amazon Affiliates. If you choose to purchase through these links, we will receive a very small percentage. We will only recommend resources we have found helpful in our homeschooling journey. Thank you for supporting our work!

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