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Rough Homeschooling Day?

We have all had one of THOSE days!

Frustration from schoolwork, sibling rivalry, or irritation over a chore can cause a typical day to turn difficult fast.

No matter what you do, one (or more!) of your kids have hit a wall, and you're in jeopardy of losing the day entirely. But wait, take a deep breath, and don't lose hope! You have the power to turn everything around and get everyone back to a positive mindset.

Why is it so important to stop bad days in their tracks?

Attitudes are infectious, and if someone in the house is having a bad day, it can quickly permeate through the house and make everyone miserable...including mom! The key is to recognize when this is happening and be proactive. Don't spend your day reacting to negativity. Realize what is happening and take steps to turn it around not only for your sake, but for your whole family.

How can you turn around a tough day?

First, acknowledge that your child is upset and take a break from the activity that has soured everyone's mood. Then try one of the following activities. It doesn't have to be a long break; sometimes all you need is 10 minutes before you get back to work, but realize there are times when it's best to walk away from the activity and revisit it later in the day or maybe even come back to it the next day.

Try one of these two activities the next time you are facing a bad day!

Brain Breaks

Brain Breaks are super short activities (think 3-5 minutes) that allow for a mental break for your children. They also provide physical benefits such as stimulating blood and getting oxygen to the brain. Examples would be Simon Says or tongue twisters. Check out this blog post on the benefits of using Brain Breaks during your school day. (We also have sets available to purchase at our Teachers Pay Teachers store.)

Get Moving

Take a walk, race around the house, play charades, or do a few cardio exercises. Studies have shown that even 10 minutes of movement can deliver relief from stress for several hours! Take a few minutes to get up and move to lighten everyone's mood!

The intent of these activities to stop the downward spiral that is happening and give everyone involved a break from whatever is frustrating, overwhelming, or disappointing them.

You will want to take time after the situation has subdued before discussing what happened. Wait until a time when everyone is in a more even-tempered mood. Your goal is to teach your children to realize when they are having a tough time and take measures to turn the situation around by themselves.

This is an extremely hard lesson to learn and will take a lot of practice (and patience!), but you WILL return to happy homeschooling days again!

For even more ideas get your FREE copy of our 10 Tips to Turn Around Tough Days today, just click here. This resource includes:

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Remember--You've got this!


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-Sacha & Wendy

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