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The Stress-Free Guide to Choosing Homeschool Curriculum

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Are you struggling to find the ideal homeschool curriculum?  No matter if you are a new or experienced homeschool parent, curriculum selection is just plain tricky. Save time, money, AND stress by systematically working through this guide to find curriculum that fits YOUR FAMILY!


This 50+ page eBook is the ultimate resource providing a simple 6-step process designed to assist you narrow and select your homeschool curriculum.

Steps include:

Step 1: Your Children

Step 2: You (as a Teacher)

Step 3: Homeschool Environment

Step 4: Types of Curriculum

Step 5: Previewing Curriculum

Step 6: Purchasing Curriculum

Included are curriculum suggestions for different learning styles, teaching styles, and homeschooling methods. Every step is packed with valuable information, worksheets, and questionnaires to help you design the homeschool year you envision!

PLUS we have included printable resources that you can use year after year to assist you in planning future years.


Use this comprehensive guide to plan your school year in no time at all!


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