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Literary Elements Scavenger Hunt Pack

Literary Elements Scavenger Hunt Freebie.jpg

Ignite your students' love for reading with this FREE 10+-page resource:
the Literary Elements Scavenger Hunt Pack!

What's Included:

  • Teacher Notes

  • Basic Literary Elements Information Page

  • Basic Literary Elements Scavenger Hunt

  • Advanced Literary Elements Information Page

  • Advanced Literary Elements Scavenger Hunt

  • Literary Genre Description Page

  • Literary Genre Scavenger Hunt

  • Literary Connections Description

  • Literary Connections Scavenger Hunt

  • Advanced Literary Connections 2

  • Advanced Literary Connections Scavenger Hunt 2

This free resource will help you guide your students towards a deeper appreciation of literature and empower them to form deep connections with the stories they are reading!

3-5 Literary Elements Scavenger Hunt Freebie (1).png
3-5 Literary Elements Scavenger Hunt Freebie (2).png

Why Incorporate Literary Elements?

Literary elements are fundamental for your students' understanding of stories! When they grasp concepts like plot, setting, characters, and theme, it helps them to dive deeper into narratives. They can connect with characters, grasp underlying themes, and appreciate an author's storytelling techniques. 

Why Scavenger Hunts?

By intentionally looking for these literary elements in stories, your students will start to easily recognize and interact with them. This exposure will nurture critical thinking and improve students’ ability to share their thoughts about what they read.

Learning these foundational literary elements will help students become more proficient and insightful readers!

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