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Thinking of Homeschooling?


There are so many different reasons people consider homeschooling their children! It is exhilarating to think of all of the available possibilities when you educate your child at home. Then, an overwhelming feeling slowly sets in, and doubt starts creeping in on how am I going to do all of this?!


We can help you navigate these feelings by guiding you through the careful consideration of key factors that will set you up for success! Below we have listed the top considerations to get you started down the right path. We have linked posts with information to get you started.


1. Why are You homeschooling? Write it down on a list--when you get discouraged or feel off track, you can refer back to this list to redirect you!


2. Create a Vision of your Homeschool Journey. Discover the endless ways you can homeschool. Every family’s journey is unique!


3. Know Your State Laws. You will need to know what regulations you will need to follow in your state. Learn more.


4. Find Your Support People. Some people will question your decision to homeschool, find those who will support you.


5. Connect with others that homeschool. Find fellow homeschoolers, some who are in the same spot as you, and some who have traveled a bit further down the road. They both will be able to offer encouragement, advice, and suggestions.


6. Explore your Child’s Learning Styles and Your Educational Approach. This will be essential to finding a curriculum that works for your family. Learn more.

7. Budget. Begin a "need" and "want" list so you can prioritize your purchases for the upcoming year. Include curriculum cost as well as technology, printer, membership fees, furniture (bookcases, etc.) and general supplies. Learn more.


8. Choosing Curriculum. So many options! Find programs that work for your family. Learn more.


9. Scheduling vs. Routines. Consider what you want your days, weeks, and months to look like. Learn more.


10. Family Involvement. You can’t do this alone-how can your whole family be involved in your day to day routine to make things flow smoothly. Also, include your children in educational decisions.

Still have questions or need additional help in planning your homeschooling year?

We have resources that can help you narrow your focus so that you can make your vision quickly become a reality!

You've Got This!

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