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Brain Breaks: Secrets to Successful School Days!

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Today we are introducing Brain Breaks! A perfect way to add some fun, increase energy, and increase attention for your kids (and you!). Our kids look forward to taking these short breaks throughout our schooling time!

What are brain breaks?

Brain breaks are short pauses taken throughout a student’s study time. They provide a mental break from focusing, which allows for processing time, helping the student to solidify their learning. These breaks range from 3 to 5 minutes.

Why use brain breaks?

This short time is beneficial to students by providing a period to relax from stress or frustration, as well as time to energize, stimulating blood, and oxygen to move to the brain. Research has shown overall benefits include increased attention and productivity!

When to use brain breaks?

The most effective time to take a brain break for elementary students is after 15-20 minutes of concentrated study. Middle school students can typically use a break around 30 minutes of focusing. These are great to use for breaks during homeschooling, e-learning, homework time, or smaller classroom lessons.

We have developed Lesson Learned x 2 Brain Breaks that are very easy to use. These are activities we use with our own kids! They are color-coded according to the type of activity. The starter set includes yellow cards that suggest mental and mindfulness activities, while red cards provide physical activities. We also have created supplemental seasonal sets to incorporate additional fun throughout the year. Just print, cut, and you are ready to go! These cards fit perfectly in a notecard box for storage. Randomly select a card from the stack or intentionally choose an activity for your students.

Click here to preview the Starter Set and Seasonal Packs!

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