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Ideas for Brain Breaks

Ideas for Brain Breaks

Need ideas for Brain Breaks?

Not sure what brain breaks are, how they can help you, or when you should use them?

Take a minute to ponder the following questions:


  • Do you have kids who are getting frustrated or feeling burnt out mid-way through your school day?

  • Or do you ever have a child look at you with those glazed over eyes that say "I am CLEARLY off in another time and place and have no idea of what we are doing?!"⁠

Did you answer YES to either of them? Then you need ideas for brain breaks! Brain Breaks are a perfect way to add some FUN for your kids (and you!) during your day. Plus, research supports that these breaks increase energy and attention spans. It's a win for everyone! Your kids will look forward to taking these short breaks throughout your school time! Brain breaks will help them (AND YOU) feel motivated to keep learning!



What are brain breaks?

Brain breaks are short pauses taken throughout a student’s study time. They provide a mental break from focusing, which allows for processing time, helping the student to solidify their learning. These breaks range from 3 to 5 minutes.

Why use brain breaks?

This short time is beneficial to students by providing a period to relax from stress or frustration, as well as give kids time to reenergize. It also helps their bodies by stimulating blood and transporting more oxygen to the brain. Research has shown overall benefits include increased attention and productivity!

When to use brain breaks?

Brain Breaks Provide Countless Benefits!

The most effective time to take a brain break for elementary students is after 15-20 minutes of concentrated study. Middle school students can typically use a break around 30 minutes of focusing. These are great to use for breaks during classroom lessons, homeschooling, e-learning, or homework time.

Ideas For Brain Breaks

When we use brain breaks with our own kids we find that most activities fit into one of the following categories:

Mental Activity Idea

~Mental Activities~

Activities where kids use their minds for a different purpose than what they have been focusing on. Ideas include:

  • tongue twisters

  • skip counting

  • mental games

Physical Idea

~Physical Activities~

Activities where kids participate in a physical activity to give their minds a break from concentrating. Ideas include:

  • exercise