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Download Your Reading Records Starter Bundle

Why track student reading?

A reading log provides a concrete way to track what a student has read. There are several benefits to using reading logs with students! A few of these include:

  • Motivating for students

  • Keep track of what is read

  • Accountability

  • View Student Progress

  • Ownership

  • Structure

  • Can offer insight to make future book selections!

What is Included
  • Monthly Minute Log

  • Book List

  • Read Aloud Book List

  • Basic Book Report

  • Reading Journal Page

The first 3 records can be used by a teacher, parent, or student depending on the age and level of responsibility. The final resource is included for students to complete as they engage with the text.

**Please note if you have a gmail address, check your promotions box and drag the email to your general email box.**

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