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Free Student SMART Goal Setting Kit

It’s hard to get kids motivated to learn some days. Some days it feels like you’re dragging them kicking and screaming to the finish line!

But it is possible for your students to be engaged and excited about learning. (Without constant nudging or coaxing from you!)

The secret? We all find motivation by setting goals… and that includes kids! But it needs to be done in a very specific way to work well.

That’s why we made this 10-page SMART Goal Setting Kit totally free for you! We want you to see how impactful it can be when you use this strategy with students.

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Get your kids excited and engaged in learning!

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  • A SMART Goal Setting Poster to use as a reference when developing goals with students.

  • A SMART Goal student example to show how a SMART goal is developed.

  • A Brainstorming Goals worksheet

  • Encouragement Quotations

  • A Certificate of Completion to reward your students when they reach their goals!

  • And More!

This Free 10-page SMART Goal Kit includes:

These templates are perfect to guide students to set a goal that is motivating and personalized for each student!

If you’ve ever heard a student say, “I’m just not good at math!” You already know the importance of structuring learning around setting and hitting goals.


Our students need to develop and practice the lifelong skill of growth mindset…

and SMART goals are the perfect way to show your students exactly how growth mindset works.

Help your students shift from a fixed, passive attitude to one that is ACTIVE and ENGAGED today! 

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Get ready to witness sparks of success in your students as they work confidently towards their goals!​

What Are SMART Goals?


"SMART" is an acronym that leads your students through a step-by-step process of creating achievable goals.


Your students will become discouraged if a goal is too involved or unrealistic. SMART goals break down the goal-setting process into easy, manageable pieces that provide a scaffold to success! 

Free Student SMART Goal Setting
You can help your students set goals and hit them by the end of the week!
Print out this 10-page resource and share with students today.

Why Setting Goals Is Important

Many kids view learning skills as a passive activity that just happens with no effort or plan. This is called a fixed mindset. Reflection and SMART goal setting are two essential skills that promote and develop a growth mindset as your students mature.


A few of the more significant skills students will learn include:

  • Long-term vision

  • Short-term motivation

  • Reflection

  • Prioritization

  • Time management

  • Progress Tracking

When your kids are actively engaged in their learning, they are significantly more motivated to achieve a skill!

Additional Resources for Student Goal Setting


The following posts will easily guide you through instructing students on how to select, develop, and achieve their own SMART goals.

And try these easy-to-use resources to help you teach SMART goal setting to your students!



Download your Free Student SMART Goal Template Kit and

start setting goals today!

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