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Free Student SMART Goal Templates Kit

Goal setting with kids is the perfect way to instill a growth mindset from an early age and develop this lifelong habit. Use the free SMART goal templates in this resource to teach students how to set realistic and achievable goals! Provide students with a path to shift from a fixed, passive attitude to one that is active and engaged!  And who doesn't want to work with kids who are active and engaged? 

With this free SMART Goal Setting Kit, you are on your way to developing a GROWTH mindset with kids!

Why Setting Goals Is Important

Many kids view learning skills as a passive activity that just happens with no effort or plan. This is called a fixed mindset. Reflection and SMART goal setting are two essential skills that promote and develop a growth mindset as your students mature.


The importance of goal setting with kids has been well documented. A few of the more significant benefits include:

  • Promoting brain development by recalling situations, emotions, and facts

  • Developing analyzation skills

  • Fostering a growth mindset

  • Encouraging active participation in academic, social, and emotional growth

  • Promoting effort, practice, hard work, persistence, and self-confidence

When your kids are actively engaged in their learning,

they are significantly more motivated to achieve a skill!

What Are SMART Goals?

"SMART" is an acronym that leads your students through a step-by-step process of creating achievable goals. Your students will become discouraged if a goal is too involved or unrealistic. SMART goals break down the goal-setting process into easy, manageable pieces that provide a scaffold to success! 

This free SMART Goal Setting Kit contains templates that are perfect for students to learn how to create their own SMART goals and start developing a growth mindset. Download your Kit and start setting goals today!

Free SMART Goal Template Kit

This free 10-page SMART Goal Template Kit includes:

  • Teacher Notes on Reflection and Goal Setting 

  • A SMART Goal Setting Poster to use as a reference when developing goals with students.

  • A SMART Goal student example to show how a SMART goal is developed.

  • A Brainstorming Goals worksheet

  • Encouragement Quotations

  • A Certificate of Completion to reward your students when they reach their goals!

  • And More!

Additional Resources for Student Goal Setting

The following posts will easily guide you through instructing students on how to select, develop, and achieve their own SMART goals.

And try these easy-to-use resources to help you teach SMART goal setting to your students!


Download your Free Student SMART Goal Template Kit and start setting goals today!

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