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Knowing your Child's Learning Style

Do you know in which manner your child best learns? This is one of the many things to consider before starting to homeschool your child. If you have homeschooled for a few years, and schoolwork seems to be a struggle, revisiting your child’s learning style could help eliminate the frustration you both are feeling!

  • Do they learn best doing a hands-on project?

  • Do they enjoy reading?

  • Do they learn by hearing or watching?

The three main types of learning styles include kinesthetic (doing), auditory (hearing), and visual (seeing). We suggest taking this short online quiz to help you initially decide how your child learns best. Also, just observing your child throughout the day is an invaluable way to gather information on their strengths and weaknesses.

Once you have determined how your child learns best, you will want to choose a curriculum that lends itself to teaching your child in that manner. We have found that certain curriculum may heavily lean towards one style. If your child learns by doing hands-on projects, they may get very frustrated watching a DVD curriculum. Once you choose a curriculum that supports the method in which your child best learns best, it will build your child’s confidence as a learner as well as help to lessen frustration for your child (and you!).

If you need help with learning styles or narrowing curriculum, we can lessen the stress of choosing from endless curriculum choices. Choose a consulting plan that best supports you!


Lessons Learned x2 

 Sharing encouragement, practical knowledge, resources, and advice to help you create an educational journey that supports your students!

-Sacha & Wendy

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