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What About Socialization? Ideas for Homeschool Socialization

In the early years of homeschooling, I wanted to make sure that our kids had plenty of opportunities to interact with others or “socialize.” Quite honestly, there were so many opportunities for us that it was harder to make sure we spent enough time at home getting the curriculum work done weekly! The key is to balance all of the social activities with all of the academics.

The variety of experiences available to homeschool families is staggering.

Here’s a list to get you started exploring all the amazing opportunities...we’d love for you to comment below if you have other ideas!

Library programs-Our local library has programs just for homeschoolers that meet during the school day. They are also willing to start clubs on any interests if you ask and are willing to help.

Homeschool Co-ops

4-H Clubs

Private music lessons or local bands/orchestras

Community theater auditions/shows

Clubs for different hobbies-juggling, magic, Rubik’s cube, American Girl dolls---the sky is the limit. If there isn’t a club for what your child is interested in -- start one! Posting on Facebook and in other groups will help you find those with similar interests.

Local sports organizations-travel sports, rec classes, swim lessons, dance classes.

Many businesses offer 1-2 times a month homeschool days--rollerskating, climbing walls, open gyms, YMCAs.

Museums/zoos-great to go to while others are in school, as they are not so busy! Homeschool families actually joke about not going to these places during the summer and waiting until the kids go back to school!

Park days with local families. We have met some of our closest friends by going to park days!

Church activities//youth groups//mid-week kids activities.


Volunteer opportunities-help with local food pantries, visit a nursing home, find neighbors who need help with yard work, or just a visitor to keep their spirits up.

It is important to remember your purpose for homeschooling and your family goals. With that in mind, choose activities that lend themselves to accomplishing those goals. Click here to read the first post answering the question "Is Socialization Really a Concern?"


Lessons Learned x2 

 Sharing encouragement, practical knowledge, resources, and advice to help you create an educational journey that supports your students!

-Sacha & Wendy

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