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Types Of Learning Styles

You have maybe heard a certain type of learning styles mentioned in online articles, blog posts, workshops, resources, or curriculums, and have wondered why in the world is this information is important to homeschoolers?? One of the foundations of homeschooling is that YOU get to decide how, what, and when your child learns information. By understanding these types of learning styles, you will be able to easily determine the "HOW" of homeschooling!

type of learning styles

What are learning styles?

Learning styles describe the methods and patterns in

which an individual most effectively learns information. The three main types of learning styles include :

  • kinesthetic (doing)

  • auditory (hearing)

  • visual (seeing).

You will sometimes find this list expanded into 4, 6, or even 8 different categories, but it is easiest to begin with the “Big 3” to identify your child’s preferred method of learning. This information will help guide you to make learning easier and more enjoyable for them.

How can I tell what type of learning style my child prefers?

Simple! Start by observing your child throughout the day! It is an invaluable way to gather information on their learning preferences. See what types of activities they enjoy but also note what experiences are frustrating to them. You can also take a moment to answer the following questions to gain more insight. Note which category seems to have the most yeses. Finally, you can take the quiz in our free Learning Styles Curriculum Guide! It will easily lead you through this whole process.

Kinesthetic Learners

  • Does your child move around a lot?

  • Prefer not to sit still?

  • Like to actively participate in learning?

  • Talk with their hands?

  • Like to touch objects?

type of learning styles

Auditory Learners

  • Does your child like to talk (a lot)?

  • Enjoy music?

  • Prefer verbal instruction over written ones?

  • Likes lectures or videos?

  • Have trouble concentrating when there is background noise?

Visual Learners

  • Does your child like to read?

  • Is attentive to details?

  • Prefers written instructions?

  • Remembers material better when studying with flashcards?

  • Is your child naturally organized?

How This Impacts Learning

You will likely recognize that each of your children learns very differently! Below we have listed how each type of learner prefers to interact with subject materials. Keeping these things in mind will provide you with ideas for choosing learning activities that best fit your child.

type of learning styles

Kinesthetic Learners

These kids love to move, touch, and manipulate objects and learn best when they are in motion. Any hands-on learning is preferred. These kids also enjoy learning while doing any movement.

type of learning styles

Auditory Learner

These kids will want to discuss the material they are learning and talk through problems they are working on. They enjoy listening to recordings. You will often find them reading or repeating text out loud.

type of learning styles

Visual Learners

These kids love to read and will take notes on the material they are learning. Visual aids, like charts, graphs, and diagraphs, help them organize information. They easily learn from books and workbook approaches.

Combination Learner

Although most students prefer one type of learning style, it is not uncommon for someone to migrate towards a combination of styles. If your answers resulted in a pretty even balance between two (or sometimes all three) learning styles, then your child will learn in a variety of manners! As they mature, they might have a stronger preference for one style over the other, but for now, you have a variety of methods available to you!

The beauty of homeschooling is that it allows you to tailor the type of instruction to your children. Public school classrooms simply cannot provide the individualized instruction for your children that YOU can!

How Learning Styles Help Choose a Curriculum

Once you have determined how your child learns best, you will want to choose a curriculum or resource that lends itself to teaching your child in that manner. Certain curriculums can heavily lean towards one style, while others include a variety of approaches.

There are endless options for curriculum today. Take your time to find a curriculum that supports the method in which your child learns best. This will not only build your child’s confidence as a learner but help to lessen frustration for your child (and you!) throughout the school year.

type of learning styles

Want More Information on Learning Styles?

type of learning styles

Download our FREE Learning Styles Homeschool Curriculum Guide which will dive deeper into each learning style

PLUS inform you which popular curriculums support each learning style!

type of learning styles

Want a bit more support in finding curriculum that fits your family? Check out our Stress-Free Guide to Choosing Homeschool Curriculum. In this 50+ page eBook, you will work through 6 simple steps designed to assist you narrow and select your homeschool curriculum. Every step is packed with valuable information, worksheets, and questionnaires to help you design the homeschool year you envision!

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