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Perfect President Activities for Elementary Kids

president activities elementary

Are you studying U.S. Presidents with your elementary students?


Is Presidents' Day just around the comer and some inspiration?

No worries, we have got you covered! Check out these fun and engaging 3 president activities that you can download today:

This President's Day your students will love this printable activity to investigate a U.S. President! In short amount of time, your students will be able to easily research, complete, and assemble a 6-page flip book on an assigned President or a President of their choice. This project is a perfect to add to your American History unit or a mini-unit to celebrate President's Day!

president activities elementary

Guide your students through:

  • researching a President

  • organizing the information in an easy to create flip book

Optional Extension Activities include :

  • drafting a multi-paragraph written or oral report

  • creating a report cover or visual aid

Teacher Tip! Once the flip books are finished, hang them in the hallway or use for a bulletin board display for February!

This resource contains:

president activities elementary
  • Teacher Notes for Research Flip Book

  • Suggestions for research materials (print and online)

  • Teacher Notes for Written or Oral Report

  • Grading Rubrics for all 3 activities

  • 6 page flip book including the following topics Just the Facts , Early Life, Adult Life, Life as President, and Interesting Facts.

  • 2 template options for written or oral reports

  • 2 cover and visual aid templates

Please Note: research materials are suggested but not included within this printable.

You can find this President Flip Book in our shop or in our TpT Store.

president activities elementary

This President's Day your K-3 students will love this coloring and writing activity to learn more about U.S. Presidents! This easy to make "About the President" tab book is 4 activities in 1 resource:

  1. A Coloring Book Version with basic informational sentences

  2. A Traceable Version with basic informational sentences

  3. A Question and Answer Version with handwriting lines and plain lines for a single sentence response

  4. A Short Response Version with lines for a multi-sentence or short paragraph response

Also included:

  • Cover Options

  • 3 Levels of Source Text Options--these texts provide basic to in-depth information that allow students to practice reading and locating facts to complete a written response. Teach basic research skills by combining a source text with a tab book version that includes writing.

Teacher Tip! This project is perfect to include in your Elections, Inauguration Day, or President's Day units.

president activities elementary

This resource contains:

  • Teacher Notes

  • Color and Black & White Versions included

  • 4 Cover Options

  • 6 page tab book including the following pages:

    • The First President

    • Where the Presidents Lives

    • Current President Information

    • How the President Travels

    • How Long A President Serves

    • What Would You Do as President

  • 3 Levels of Source Text

    • Easy Passage-provides basic information for the answering question version

    • Medium Passage-provides answers with a few extra details; can be used with any version you choose

    • Challenging Passage-longer and provides more detailed information for students to read and evaluate what information to include in their responses. Better suited for the question and answer or the basic research version.

You can find this President Flip Book in our shop or in our TpT Store.

president activities elementary

You can challenge students’ higher-level thinking skills by taking it one step further by comparing 2 Presidents! One of the best ways to organize information to compare Presidents is to use a Venn Diagram.

president activities elementary

Did you know that Venn Diagrams encourage kids to:⁠

🔹Think critically about information?⁠

🔹Organize information visually?⁠

🔹Determine similarities?⁠

🔹Take note of differences?⁠

The best part is you can use them for ANY age or style of learner! The choice is yours--draw pictures, cut and paste facts, use keywords or phrases, or write complete and detailed sentences.⁠

You can download our FREE Venn Diagrams for Presidents Pack and get started today! This set includes several Venn Diagrams geared toward early elementary students as well as an older elementary version.

president activities elementary

For even more President Activities and Ideas check out this blog post!

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