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Favorite Friday: Fun Fine Motor Practice

fine motor skill practice for kids, homeschoolers using a LCD writing tablet

Happy Friday! We are so excited to be sharing our favorite books, curriculum, resources, and supplies that we use to homeschool! Each Friday, we will be sharing products we love to use in our own homeschooling adventure. Enjoy these homeschooling items that we can’t live without….and you shouldn’t either!

This Friday, we wanted to share a product that has many different uses--the Boogie Board! We really like this board as it comes with a variety of extra pieces and templates, making it a great addition to every homeschool!

Boogie Boards are an excellent way to practice fine motor skills without any stress. This specific Boogie Board comes with 18 game, activity, and art templates. It also lends itself to be the perfect quiet activity for in the car or anywhere waiting is involved.

Here are some of the numerous ways we use Boogie Boards in our homeschool!

  • They are great for a child who is reluctant to practice handwriting. It is low stress because if they mess up with the click of a button, it is erased and they can start over.

  • Ideal for the perfectionist child. They often don’t want to write things down for fear of it “not looking just right.” One click of the button eliminates the extra time and effort to erase their work on a piece of paper so they can start over and try again.

  • It provides an exciting way to practice spelling or dictation.

  • Perfect for practicing handwriting. We love the handwriting practice templates!

  • Great for on the go! Tic Tac Toe, The Dot game, mazes, and more are included.

  • Drawing templates are included, but we have even printed out our own drawing pages to put under the boogie board to trace! Print whatever they want to practice drawing….Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, unicorns, horses, etc...the list is endless. There is also a free app that allows you to take pictures of their drawings and turn them into real drawings you can print or share. Another added benefit is there is no mess involved.

Two bonus tips:

  1. Make sure to take a piece of string and tie your drawing tool to your board. We didn’t do that and lost it. The good news is you can use any mechanical pencil without the lead pushed out as a substitute. It has a holder at the bottom to clip the stylus into, but my kids forgot to use it!

  2. Also, store your templates and printables in a zip-lock baggie so they don’t end up scattered all over. The templates store between the cover and boogie board when not in use.

We hope that your kids will find this Boogie Board as fun as ours have. You will want to be sure to check out our other Favorite Friday picks!

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