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Favorite Friday: Fine Motor Fun Activity

Happy Friday! We are so excited to be sharing our favorite books, curriculum, resources, and supplies that we use to homeschool! Each Friday, we will be sharing products we love to use in our own homeschooling adventure. Enjoy these homeschooling items that we can’t live without….and you shouldn’t either!

This Friday we wanted to share an amazing activity that combines fine motor skills with arts and crafts. Even better, it keeps my younger ones sitting still in one place so I can add in other great content without anyone complaining.

Diamond Art Stickers are a perfect way to introduce the Diamond Art craze to your younger kiddos (5+ up) who might not have the patience to do an entire 12x16” project. I did quite a bit of searching to find a set with a lot of stickers for a reasonable price. BONUS: This set not only came with 64 stickers but all the gems and tools for 2 kids to work at the same time! You can also purchase an extra set of tools if you have more than kids wanting to do them simultaneously. Check out this great set of additional tools and accessories.

Reasons why YOU will love these:

Looking For A Fine Motor and Focus Activity?

These stickers not only are a terrific fine motor exercise but also practice hand-eye coordination. If you have a younger learner, it will reinforce number and color skills. Plus, everyone can use some practice with patience and focus!

Want to Sneak In Extra Learning?

An unexpected benefit, we have been able to listen to our audio history lessons as well as listen to Homeschool Pop videos about whatever topic has interested them---they listened to videos on Egypt, planets, and fractions. The possibilities are endless--audiobooks, musical selections, podcasts, and more.

Wishing for Quiet Time?

My kids will sit for hours while quietly working on these. Quietly!!! I started to lose my mind with the amount of noise in our house with our youngest 3. Being 5, 6, and 8 years old, they are constantly on the move and noisy, and during the cold winter months, we needed something to give us some quiet in our house. They need this...and so do you; research has shown this downtime is crucial for maintaining physical and mental health!

Need a Way to Motivate Your Kids?

These stickers have also been a great incentive to get our seat work done quickly. They want to finish so they can have fun with their diamond art stickers! Even my teenagers have taken time to sit down to spend some time working on these with the younger ones.

Just want to add FUN to your day?

These stickers are SO much fun (and quite addicting!) The stickers are absolutely adorable, and I heard so many ooo’s and ahh’s while they looked at all of the designs. Great family fun for all ages!

We hope that your kids will find these Diamond Art Stickers as fun as ours have. You will want to be sure to check out our other Favorite Friday picks!

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-Sacha & Wendy

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