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Favorite Friday: Quick, Easy, and FUN Holiday Crafts

Happy Friday! We are so excited to be sharing our favorite books, curriculum, resources, and supplies that we use to homeschool! Each Friday, we will be sharing products we love to use in our own homeschooling adventure. Enjoy these homeschooling items that we can’t live without….and you shouldn’t either!

This Friday, we want to share some ready to go holiday crafting options! While we all would love to spend time gathering those amazing holiday crafting ideas on Pinterest, gathering fun supplies, and taking long leisurely afternoons to craft with our kids...sometimes we just need something quick and easy to spend some quality time together making memories! Don't beat yourself up if you aren't a "Pinterest Mom"! Most of us aren't. Spending time with your kids is what it is all about! Check out these great kits for an easy “grab and go” crafting option!

This kit will provide your kids with hours of creative fun! It is great for kids ages five and up. Working with these beads provides terrific fine motor practice. This craft develops concentration as well as the processing skill of copying a design from a pattern...and is also a great practice in patience! Check out this site for free holiday patterns, or do a quick search for your own. Please note that an older child or adult will need to iron the final project together.

This diamond painting set comes with everything you need to create nine holiday ornaments! This project is for your slightly older children who have developed fine motor skills to maneuver the tiny diamonds into place. This set also provides the same great skill practice as the fuse bead kit. These vibrant rhinestone projects will add holiday spirit wherever you choose to hang them!

These crafts have been a hit in our homes for many years, and we hope that your kids will find them as enjoyable as our kids have. You will want to be sure to check out our other Favorite Friday picks!

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-Sacha & Wendy

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