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How Can We Help You?


More and more families are choosing to homeschool but struggle with where to begin.


  • How do you start homeschooling?

  • What regulations do you need to follow?

  • How do you create a homeschooling experience that will match your vision as well as your family’s priorities? 

  • What do you do with the overwhelming amount of curriculum choices?

  • How do you organize and schedule your homeschooling time?


Homeschooling allows endless opportunities for you to create an educational experience unique to your children, but making this a reality can be overwhelming! 


We understand, let us help you homeschool stress-free. Let us share our practical knowledge, resources, and advice to help you navigate the issues you will face during your homeschooling journey. You will save time and money by gaining access to 30 years of homeschooling experience. 


Let us help you make your vision become a reality!

Whether you are looking for individualized support to begin your homeschooling adventure, or needing advice to make a change in your journey, we are here to help!

In our posts, we share valuable information, our experiences as well as tips, tricks, and advice to assist you in your homeschool program.

Let us help you find the information you need whether you are considering homeschooling, looking for resources, or searching for curriculum.

Our products will help you create a successful homeschooling year! You will find a variety of resources from organizing tools to curriculum options!


Mentor & Invaluable

"I appreciate Sacha’s mentorship. She always left it up to us to decide what would work best and followed up with us to see how a particular challenge was resolved or if we needed more assistance, she has been invaluable."

Alexis S.


Expertise & Understanding

“Sacha and Wendy have been a goldmine in regard to their expertise in homeschooling. Between their combined years of experience with their own families and understanding different homeschooling methods, they have so much to offer.״

Lisa S.


Listens & Knowledgeable

"Wendy has always been an amazing source of knowledge and help. She really listens to my questions and has great advice for me as a teacher and ideas for how kids understand information and learn."

Dana L.


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