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Mentoring Options

Mentoring Plans



Great for choosing curriculum for 1-3 subjects for up to two students, general question, or scheduling matters.

Essential Virtual Mentoring

Ideal for choosing curriculum for 1-3 subjects for up to two students, adapting curriculum, or workload expectations.

Ultimate Virtual 


Perfect for curriculum planning for each of your children, addressing multiple concerns, and high school or transcript help.

One of the best things about homeschooling, endless options, can also be one of the most overwhelming! 


That is where we enter, let us help you homeschool stress-free. We have spent hours and hours researching the countless available options. We will save you both time and money by offering advice regarding specific curriculum we know works instead of buying items that do not implement well in your plan. We will help you narrow your focus so that you can make your vision quickly become a reality.

How We Can Help

  • Assist new homeschoolers beginning their journey

  • Matching learning styles with curriculum options

  • Adapting curriculum to match student needs

  • Streamlining your day with scheduling options

  • Helping transition from elementary school to middle school expectations

  • Helping create a plan for high school

  • Creating a transcript

  • Starting or redesigning a co-op


Invaluable & Trusted

Having mentors you can trust and go to when a challenge comes up has been invaluable to our family on our homeschool journey!

Alexis S., Minnesota

Prices subject to change. Parents assume full responsibility for the education of their children in accordance with their state law. We offer no guarantees, written or implied, that use of our products and services will result in successful home education.

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