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Reflection and SMART Goal Unit

Begin the new year by teaching your students how to create a growth mindset! Perfect for starting a new calendar or school year. Lesson plans included.


Guide your students through reflecting on the previous year, explain what SMART goals include, and teach them how to develop, measure, and achieve their own individualized SMART goals. Bonus motivation quotations included! 


A comprehensive unit with everything you need-just print and go!


  • Teacher Notes

  • Comprehensive Five Day Lesson Plan

  • Student Cover Page for Journals

  • Year In Review Brainstorming-2 versions

  • Counting Down Last Year!

  • Brainstorming Goal Sheet-2 versions

  • What is a SMART Goal? Poster

  • What is a SMART Goal? Student Notecard

  • SMART Goal Examples

  • My SMART Goal Sheets

  • Encouragement Quotations

  • Encouragement Quotations Posters

  • Encouragement Quotations Notecards

  • My Favorite Motivational Quotations- 2 versions

  • Goals I Have Achieved! - 2 versions

  • Goal Award Certificate