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New Year Reflection and SMART Goal Mini-Unit

This New Year mini-unit will help encourage student goal setting and promote a growth mindset in your classroom! Begin this New Year by guiding your students through the SMART goal setting templates and activities in this resource.

Teach your students:

  • how to reflect on the previous year
  • explain what SMART goals include
  • guide them through goal setting activities that will allow them to develop, measure, and ACHIEVE their own individualized SMART goals!


Teaching Tip-this is a perfect project for your first week back in the New Year! Ease back into your routine by having your students complete this 5 day mini-unit; by the end of the week, they will have started developing a growth mindset to carry them through the rest of the year!


A comprehensive unit with everything you need-just print and go or use as a digital resource! This product includes:

  • Teacher Notes
  • Comprehensive Five Day Lesson Plan
  • Student Cover Page for Journals
  • Year In Review Brainstorming-2 versions
  • Counting Down Last Year!
  • Brainstorming Goal Sheet-2 versions
  • What is a SMART Goal? Poster
  • What is a SMART Goal? Student Notecard
  • SMART Goal Examples
  • My SMART Goal Sheets
  • Encouragement Quotations
  • Encouragement Quotations Posters
  • Encouragement Quotations Notecards
  • My Favorite Motivational Quotations- 2 versions
  • Goals I Have Achieved! - 2 versions
  • Goal Award Certificate


Click on the preview to see examples of the items included!


Looking for a goal setting option for Younger students? Check out our "My New Year Tab Book" - a PreK-3 Reflection & Goal Setting resource for PreK-3rd graders.



Terms of Use

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  • Copying for more than one teacher, classroom, department, school, or school system is prohibited.
  • This product may not be distributed or displayed digitally for public view.

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