Summer is just around the corner! Sunshine, relaxing, vacations, and fun!

Have you given any thought to what your family’s summer will look like? Now is the time to start considering what you want your summer plans to include.

Don’t worry--you don’t have to plan and schedule every day of the next few months...but it is good to have an idea of the types of things you want to include!

Schooling: Some families choose to continue schooling through summer and plan short breaks every few months spread throughout the year. It really depends on if family members need a change of pace or do better with a predictable routine. Do you have children who would benefit from this continuation of instruction?

Keeping Up with Basic Skills: Many families enjoy switching up their routines but don’t drop academics altogether. Keeping up on math and reading skills will help your child from forgetting the basics over these next few months. This can be a perfect time to check out your library’s summer reading program or find some fun math games to play!

Unfocused Exploration: There are many ways to foster the joy of learning through the summer but in non-traditional ways. Library programs, 4-H programs, park district programs, camps, online events, and family or individual themed exploration can all spark interest in your children in topics not typically covered during a school year.

Time Off-: Of course, you need to recognize when time off is needed for your kids (or you!). Was it a difficult or stressful year of school--would it benefit everyone to have a bit of down for a few days or weeks (or months)? Do what is needed to give your family time to relax and re-energize!

It is always great to have a general idea of what your goals are for summer. Realize that plans can (and often) change and that the path you originally started on might be altered throughout these next few months! Don’t be afraid to change course and take advantage of the AMAZING opportunities that present themselves as you journey through summer.

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-Sacha & Wendy