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Ready to give up? Read this for the homeschooling support you need.

Ready to give up homeschooling?

Feeling like a failure?

Homeschooling is hard.

No doubt about it.

Expectations are everything.

You’ve probably set them too high.

You’ve seen all those “perfect” homeschool moms on social media.

Reality Check: those photos are a MOMENT in time.

We all struggle.

Some days are better than others.

They will learn to read. It doesn’t happen overnight.

They will forget things. And they will remember them.

They will have bad attitudes. Gently guide them. Love them.

They take time to learn new behaviors.

Having mom as a teacher is new for everyone.

Look for the small successes.

Focus on the positives of the day.



Give grace….to your kids.

And yourself.


Tomorrow is a new day.

Lessons Learned x2 

 Sharing encouragement, practical knowledge, resources, and advice to help you create an educational journey that supports your students!

-Sacha & Wendy

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