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Perfect Presidents’ Day Projects

Presidents’ Day is MONDAY! For those of you last-minute planners or those who might want to add a bit more on the Presidents, we have got you covered! We are sharing easy and fun ideas EVERY day to help your K-6 kids learn more about the leaders of the United States.

We are sharing our absolute favorite resources--grab them from your local library or hop onto Amazon (or Kindle) to get your copy asap! (Links will take you to books on Washington but Lincoln and other President books are available as well).

Nonfiction Selections

If you haven’t had a chance to read Mike Venezia’s Getting to Know the U. S. Presidents series, or Roberta Edward’s “Who Was” series you are in for a treat! These books are packed with information, well-written, and a great balance of text and illustrations. They are perfect for capturing the attention of the K-6 crowd!

Fiction Selection

Our hands-down winner here is Magic Tree House books. Several in the series highlight past Presidents! Mary Pope Osborne’s enchanting stories will attract even the pickiest of readers.

Character of Leaders

The Children’s Treasure of Virtues by William J. Bennett is a collection of 3 books: The Children’s Book of Virtues, The Children’s Book of Heroes, and The Children’s Book of America. These short stories and poems highlight the virtues and characteristics of many leaders from history. Your children will be inspired as they read about Washington and Lincoln as well as other real and fictional heroes.

But why do more than just read a book?!

Books are an amazing resource to start your exploration but did you realize that the average student remembers just 10% of what they read and only 20% of what they read and hear? To increase their retention rate to 75%, we need to guide our kids to discuss, interact, and manipulate the material they are learning. Projects and activities are the perfect way to do this!

We have created this fun President Research flip book as a way your child can compile all of the great information they learn into a project! You can put as much time as you want into it…. an hour on Presidents’ Day, or you can take the week and put together a short paper about a president of your (or even better yet) your child’s choice!

For more awesome activities and project ideas check out our President Pinterest Board!

Some of the links on our site may be affiliate links. Please visit our disclosure page for full details. We only recommend resources we have found truly helpful in our homeschooling journey.


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-Sacha & Wendy

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