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How Do You Define Success?

I think at different stages of life we each might measure that differently.

Sometimes it’s easy to measure.

Potty training? Clearly when there aren’t any more accidents.

Reading? Maybe when they start reading chapter books on their own.

Other times, it might not be as clear-cut.

Is it in the little daily things or in the long-term sense?

You definitely need to measure homeschooling both ways!

Look for small successes each day or week to keep yourself and your kids encouraged.

Also, take time to reflect back over the entire year or several years to acknowledge bigger accomplishments.

But what are your long-term goals? How do you measure success?

Currently, having 2 kids graduated and thriving in college (after being completely homeschooled) feels likes success in the homeschooling arena. Only 6 more to go😂

But in the parenting sense, raising kids who love God and love others well is one way I would measure success.

How do you measure success? Is reflection and goal setting a part of how you do that?


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