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Skip Counting - Fall Ideas for Math Centers

These Fall Math Center Activities are the perfect way to practice and master skip counting by 2, 5, and 10! Numerous ideas for math centers are included; these colorful math printables will captivate and engage your students!


Easily accommodate a variety of students' abilities, from introducing skip counting to skill mastery. Help your students develop number sense knowledge and learn to see patterns in numbers. Easy prep, just print and go!


Skip Counting Activities Include (for each set of 2s, 5s, & 10s):

  • Color Posters for student reference or to add to a bulletin board

  • Put In Order--cut apart and put numbers in order

  • Missing Numbers--fill in the missing numbers in order

  • Fill in the Numbers-fill in the missing numbers for a given range

  • Tracing Numbers

  • Number Words Matching

  • Number Puzzles-cut apart and put numbers in order to create a fall picture

  • Math Center Task Cards--print, cut apart, and use in a math station or print as a whole sheet to complete

Includes 40 math worksheets with various levels of difficulty!


Using these Math Skip Counting Activities:

  • The sheets are easy to print as single sheets throughout the fall months

  • Print the math worksheets and bind them to create a fun Fall Skip Counting Booklet for each student!

  • Math Center or Task Card Options: Just print and laminate the resources you want to use for use at a math center or station. Children can use dry-erase markers to complete the activity. Then erase and reuse!


Skip Counting Teaching Tips:

These ideas are specifically designed to help support each of your different styles of learners!

Auditory Learners

  • Use skip counting songs (there are endless options online)

  • Create your own chant & claps using the pattern

Visual Learners

  • Color the numbers on a number chart

  • Write the numbers on notecards and place them in order

  • Hang posters of the patterns

Kinesthetic Learners

  • Write the pattern with sidewalk chalk

  • Number line jump

  • Put shaving cream in a bag and "write" the numbers on the bag

Find ways to make it fun--then practice, practice, practice! It takes a lot of repetition sometimes to remember these patterns. 



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