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Christian Kids Explore Chemistry: A LLX2 Review

LLX2’s<25: Teach Chemistry to kids grades 4-8 with this easy to use digital companion which includes Daily Lesson Plans, Materials Lists, and All Reproducibles needed.

Lessons Learned x 2 Product Rating (out of 10 stars)

Is it worth our time? 9 stars

Did it help us learn? 9 stars

Is it worth the money? 8 stars

Is it useful to me? 9 stars

Practicality- 9 stars

Quality- 10 stars

Kid Rating- 9 stars

From Bright Idea Press Website:

Make chemistry an exciting adventure with the 2nd Editions of CKE: Chemistry! Now including a convenient, easy-to-use Resource CD, unlocking the mystery of science has never been easier. The brand-new CD includes Daily Lesson Plans, Materials Lists, Bonus Literature Study Guide, and All Reproducibles, such as:

  • Coloring Pages

  • Unit Reviews

  • Follow-Up Questions for each lesson

  • Activity Charts

You won’t want to miss this updated, revamped version of everybody’s favorite science curriculum! Get it now and discover a whole new world of God’s creation. Teach chemistry to kids in grades 4 to 8 with Scripture integrated from cover to cover. Comprehensive workbook authored by trained educators provides 30 lessons, each grouped into five units. Vocabulary words and materials lists are provided for each section, with every lesson clear and easy to follow. Creatively illustrated, well- organized, and presented from a biblical world view – indexed, with author bios included.

30 Lessons in five units which include:

  • Hands-On Activities: including making model atoms, breaking covalent bonds, and making gas expand.

  • Chemistry Terms, Notations, and Rules

  • Unit Reviews

  • Supplemental Book List

  • Coloring pages

Our Experience:

This review was written years ago, and we still recommend this product. Take a look and see why.

We have been studying Human Anatomy all year, so this was a very nice break and a great change of pace for our family. We were able to jump right into this curriculum with very little preparation. Once I had a quick look over what we had received we were ready to go. I was very impressed with the extensive book list in the back of the curriculum. They recommend many different books to help go along with the curriculum. I felt that it was necessary to use these book lists to supplement what we were learning from the curriculum. They were easy to find at my local library or books similar to what was recommended. We noticed that there were coloring pages included, we didn’t get around to using them, but there are about 12 to choose from. Before I found the lesson plans (yes, they are included, I was just too excited to get started) we did the first 2 lessons in 1 week.

Each lesson is designed to take a week. They recommend that if you teach science 2x a week to expect to spend 60-90 minutes each day. We found this to be very manageable for my 2nd, 5th, and 6th graders. Older students can read the lesson by themselves. We chose to read it together since my 2nd grader was doing it with us. After we read the lesson my kids would make notecards of the vocabulary words and answer the “Review It” questions. Then the following science day we would do the “Hands-on Time Activity” and “Think About It” questions. After the first 5 lessons, there was a unit wrap up with multiple-choice questions. There are pages to print to put together a binder with all the pages for the kids to do. This includes all of the questions for each lesson and experiment answer pages.

What I liked:

  • It eased us into studying Chemistry. In fact, we accidentally did 2 lessons the first week because we were having so much fun!

  • It included Bible verses and was centered on how God created the world around us including the elements and compounds.

  • Very cost-effective for a large family…just print out what you need, you don’t have to buy multiple workbooks.

What I didn’t like:

  • Just because of the fact that this was digital, at times it was hard to “flip” through the curriculum…I could have printed it out, and would if we were planning on using this for an entire year.

  • I was hoping for really cool experiments. They just weren’t there. I am not sure that they can be done in a chemistry course for kids this age at home. However, reading labels as our first experiment really left me wanting more excitement!

To sum it up: A great introductory chemistry course for grades 4-8. If you are interested in doing chemistry with your kids this is a great curriculum to get them started.

The important information:

Christian Kids Explore Chemistry

Published by: Bright Ideas Press

Order from:

Retail Price: $39.95 (on sale at the above link)

Disclosure/Disclaimer: I received the above product free of charge for review purposes. I am only expected to give an honest review.

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Lessons Learned x2 

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